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Ambidextrous Battle Latch\Charging Handle Assembly


Ambi Battle Latch/Charging Handle Assembly (ABL/CHA) incorporates several structural and functional improvements, 7075 Aluminum, including a truly ambidextrous design ideal for left-handed users.

The upgraded stainless coiled spring pin and increased sidewall thickness provide exceptional performance under repeated abuse and extreme situations.



  • Broad Contact Points: Oversized grooves on the right side of the handle and on the battle latch allow for a secure non-slip grip
  • Upgraded Stainless Steel Coiled Spring: By upgrading the spring's diameter to .1875 inch diameter, we've given it more reliability, uniform strength and equal stress distribution
  • Increased Sidewall Thickness: A more rugged construction along the walls of the slide adds durability during heavy or extreme use.

  • Product Weight: 1.68oz
  • 1.68oz


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