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AR Carbine Handguard - Black


Nobody wants to lug around a heavy rifle, it’s as simple as that. So what if we told you that you could effectively cut down the weight of your current aluminum handguard to 50% of its present weight? When you install an INTRAFUSE® AR Carbine Handguard that is exactly what you will be doing. Created out of a light weight but high strength composite that offers both weight reduction and durability. Over 300 rounds in full auto and handguard is cool enough to be hand held! But that’s not all this handguard brings to the table. Customization is a key component to the INTRAFUSE® line and this handguard is no different. Molded into it are four Picatinny rails (located at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 positions) with the side and bottom rails having removable covers so you can decide which ones you want to use and which ones you want to keep hidden. If you’re in the market for a light weight handguard that is built around the idea of “customization,” there is no better fit than the INTRAFUSE® AR Carbine Handguard.



  • Fits the AR15 and M4 Carbines
  • Not designed to install on piston uppers
  • Handguard body and lower rail cover produced of high strength composite
  • Side rail covers produced from Santoprene™, a high strength flexible rubber material
  • Provides 2 Picatinny rails that run the length of the handguard (1 on top and 1 on the bottom) and 2 half length Picatinny rails on the sides
  • Weight: .55 lbs
  • Item Includes: NTRAFUSE® AR Carbine Handguard, Bottom Rail Cover, and 2 Side Rail Covers

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