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ATI HFS Rise Mitigation Muzzle Brake 5.56x45mm With Crush Washer


The HFS Muzzle Brake is the newest muzzle device from American Tactical, Inc.  Our ultra slim 0.750” design allows for easy work on your gas system without the need to remove the muzzle brake from the barrel.  The large lateral ports, combined with the smaller dorsal ports, assist to reduce muzzle climb by as much as 95%, virtually eliminating muzzle climb when shooting.  This reduction enables for more accurate follow on shots as compared to standard muzzle devices.



  • .750” Ultra Slim Design
  • 1/2x28 Threading (Standard 5.56 barrel threading)
  • 2.25” in Length
  • Proprietary Slim Crush Washer Included
  • Designed for 95% Reduction of Muzzle Climb
  • 4140 Steel
  • 100% Machined by American Tactical, Inc. in Summerville, SC

Installation Instructions:

  • Place the crush washer on the threaded end of the barrel with the concave side facing forward (towards the muzzle brake)
  • Hand tighten the muzzle brake against the crush washer
  • Tighten the muzzle brake until the top two ports are indexed top dead center on the barrel
  • Check for tightness by attempting to remove by hand (do not over tighten, tightening more than 1 full rotation can cause damage to the parts)

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