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Chamber Maid AR15/M4/M16 Chamber Star Swabs Tool Set


The perfect kit for fast, thorough cleaning of the chamber and hard-to-reach lug recesses in the barrel extension of AR Platform rifles. Each kit contains a detachable handle, a flexible steel braid, rubber coated cleaning rod, and a heavy duty bronze bore brush with a wider-diameter section of stainless steel bristles to scrub the lug recesses. Compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or range bag and ideal for quick cleaning jobs at the range or for thorough cleanings at home. Assemble Chambers Stars onto Nylon bore brush to thoroughly clean AR Lug recesses.



  • Pro-Shot System - Precision Engineered Design, Fit, & Function
  • Heavy Duty Coated Flexible Chamber Rod - #8-32 Threads
  • 5.56mm / .223 Cal. Chamber Brush
  • 5.56mm / .223 Cal. Nylon Bristle Bore Brush
  • 5 Qty. 5.56 / 223 Cal. Chamber Stars
  • Made in USA


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