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Gallery Resetting Targets

Get the hottest new targets forplinking enthusiasts!Birchwood Casey's World of Targets offers everything you need for hours of shooting fun without even having to walk down range or pull cords to reset.Birchwood Casey's Gallery resting Targets allow you to knock down all the hanging paddles, and then shoot the upper paddle to reset the others for another round! There's more to the World of Targets than just resetting targets, though. Check out Birchwood Casey's Spinner targets, too. Airgun version requires a moderately powerful airgun (approximately 500 feet per second or faster) with lead pellets only to operate effectively.



  • Auto reset, no walking, no cords
  • Durable, solid steel construction
  • Innovative twist design, no welds to break
  • .22 Rimfire Rifles and .22 Handguns or Airgun – 1.75" Paddles
  • Minimum target distance for shooters and spectators is 25 yards


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