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Hammer, Deluxe Commander - Blue - Bullet Proof


A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job. That is why Wilson Combat® hammers are manufactured from the best quality steel to keep that clean crisp trigger pull shot after shot. Considerable attention has been paid to the geometry of our hammers, particularly to the location of the strut pin hole which has been re-located to aid in obtaining a light trigger pull. Experience has shown that our advanced hammer design enhances reliability and the ability to consistently produce a crisp, yet safe trigger pull.



  • Narrowed to provide adequate slide/hammer clearance
  • Skeletonized to improve lock time
  • Rugged reliability of our Deluxe Commander Hammer has made it extremely popular with serious shooters
  • Skeletonized to provide a lightning fast lock time without sacrificing durability
  • Features a narrow half cock notch similar to those found on the 70 series Colt hammers for maximum security
  • One of the best selling hammers made
  • Minor fitting required

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