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Rapid Safe Shotgun Wall Lock


If you rely on a Shotgun for home defense you have probably struggled to find a place to keep it secure but still accessible. Today all that has changed with the introduction of the Shotgun Wall Safe from Hornady. This safe is equipped with RFID touch free technology making the process to access your firearm quick and easy, while at the same time ensuring that unauthorized access to your firearm is prevented. This safe mounts either horizontally or vertically to walls, closets, or even behind doors. The shotgun wall safe encompasses the main portion of the shotgun receivers to ensure that the firearm cannot be tampered with.



  • RAPiD Safe for Shotguns
  • Designed specifically to provide security for Shotguns
  • Mounts either Horizontal or Vertical
  • Mounts on Walls, in closets, or behind doors
  • Hornady RFiD Enabled
  • RFID includes 1 wristband, 1 key fob, and 2 decals
  • Quick Access with RFiD Tags
  • Made from High Quality Steel
  • Matte Black


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