Rfl & Pstl Clng Mop

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Rifle/Pistol Wool Mop/Swab - .30-.32 Caliber/8mm


Our blended wool mops and swabs mop up oil, leftover solvent, debris or other moisture to protect the bore of your favorite shotgun, rifle or handgun. These mops/swabs are an important step in the overall gun-cleaning process to ensure accuracy at the range and in the field. 



  • .30-.32 Cal/8mm
  • Wool Mop/Swab
  • 8-32 Thread
  • Precise brush diameters to assure complete bore coverage on specific calibers
  • Blended wool minimizes lint buildup and is easy to clean
  • Maximizes absorbency to reduce overall cleaning time
  • Specially-engineered looped core and tip to protect muzzle, chamber and rifling