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Scopecoat™ - Large: 12.5 x 42mm - Black


Scopecoat® protective covers fit a variety of optics. When choosing the right size Scopecoat, measure the overall length of your scope in inches and the objective lens in millimeters. Scopecoat stretches to custom fit to your optic while providing maximum protection. Our standard Scopecoat cylindrical covers can stretch approximately 1 to 1 .5 inches beyond the stated size. For example, a 10 .5” cover may stretch from 11 .5 inches to almost 12 inches. With this in mind, select the right size for either a relaxed or snug fit.



  • Black
  • 12.5" X 42MM
  • Designed to fit scopes with standard or “low” turrets
  • Safeguards your optics from dust, dirt, dings, scratches, and moisture with our high quality neoprene/nylon laminate
  • Extremely water resistant

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