Soft Case 3 Gun Kit .223-5.56-9mm-45cal

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Soft Case 3 Gun Kit .223/5.56-9mm/45cal


Quality that you have come to know and expect from our traditional Pro-Shot line has gone tactical.

Kit includes:

5 Qty. of our premium Micro-Polished Cleaning Rod Sections that are 6.5 inches in length for a total of 32.5 inches

  • Swivel T-handle
  • Next Generation 1 Step CLP
  • 100% Cotton flannel patches D
  • Double ended Nylon Gun Brush
  • Bronze Bristle .22 Cal. Bore Brush
  • Cotton Bore Mop
  • Benchrest Quality Cleaning Jag
  • Nylon carrying case that can easily be worn or attached to equipment