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Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip

Hogue shotgun stocks are molded from a super tough fiberglass reinforced polymer assuring stability and accuracy. The grip area of the stock and the entire forend are OverMolded with soft rubber for outstanding shotgun handling characteristics which facilitates fast easy mounting and sight acquisition. The grip also features ambidextrous ergonomic palm swells and is finished with an exclusive recoil cushioning Hogue butt pad. These superior stocks are durable, weatherproof, and non-slip.



  • Weight (with bolt): 6.23 oz
  • Tamers/Pistol grips use a short bolt that is included with the Tamer (no washer needed)
  • Also fits:
  • Model 590A1
  • Maverick model 88
  • Other Mossberg pump shotguns that are copies or variations of the 500.
  • 510 Mini
  • Does not fit:
  • 930 series or any other auto shotgun.
  • Break open guns
  • Flex system shotguns

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