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Ultra Custom Concealment Holster


The manner of carrying a firearm is one of the most important choices a responsible gun owner must make. All states now allow for some form of concealed carry, though some restrictions may apply. Many citizens feel most comfortable carrying a weapon, without brandishing it publicly, with reasons varying from individual to individual. Whether you tuck your handgun into your belt, your boot, your jacket, or your pocket, 1791 Gunleather has a premium handcrafted leather holster to suit your fancy. 



  • Night Sky Black
  • Right Handed
  • Size 0
  • Beretta Tomcat 32, Pico 380 / Colt 903 Pocket, Mustang Lite / Kahr CW380 / Kimber Micro 380, Micro 9 / Sig Sauer P238, P938 / And similar frames

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