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Wireless Garage Door Sensor

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 Wireless Garage Door Sensor


Burglary is on the rise. According to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the U.S. Department of Justice--Federal Bureau of Investigation--there were an estimated 2,222,196 burglaries in 2008. Burglary offenses cost victims an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property. Burglary of residential properties accounted for 70.3% of all burglary offenses. Don’t become a statistic—install the Mace Wireless Home Security System to protect your property against the ever growing number of burglaries.

The Mace Wireless Garage Door Sensor is ideal for expanding the power and protection of the Mace Wireless Home Security System. It’s easy to install on garage doors or sliding gate style doors. When the door or gate is opened, the unit will send a wireless signal to the Control Unit of the Mace Wireless Home Security System and trigger the alarm.



  • P44 Water & Weather Resistant
  • Approximate Operating Range: 50 feet (15 meters)
  • Battery Low Indicator
  • Battery Included